Far From The Tree 2017

Far From the Tree is the story of a strained relationship between a mother and her teenaged son, as she struggles to come to terms with a sexual assault from her past and how she ultimately finds the courage to confront it.

Far from the Tree 2017

Parents of children who have Down syndrome, dwarfism or autism share intimate stories of the challenges they face. Tracing their joys, challenges, tragedies, and triumphs.

Far from the Apple Tree

Judith, a struggling artist, gets her dream job of working for a renowned visual artist named Roberta Roslyn. While cataloging Roberta's work she is shocked to keep seeing a girl who closely resembles herself, she learns that this girl is actually her boss's missing daughter Maddy. As she investigates the mystery of just what could have happened to this girl, she starts to develop a new persona and it comes to a point where she must decide if she is to leave her job or continue and risk losing who she is.

Not Far from the Tree 2014

An undesirable secret is uncovered as Adrian and Nathan go for a drive, irreversibly changing their relationship and their lives.

Far from the Trees 1972

Held up for seven years before it was released, Far from the Trees seems like a perfect successor to Luis Buñuel's Land Without Bread. Like that earlier film, it is a kind of impressionistic travelogue that shows a Spain far from the beaten paths of the tourist resorts; not only poverty but the persistence of superstitions and occult beliefs captured by the film rebuke the image of a forward-looking, modern Spain that by the 60s was being promoted by the Franco regime. Esteva Grewe largely allows the images and juxtapositions to speak for themselves, giving the film a lyrical feeling that somewhat softens its social criticism - though obviously not enough for the censors.